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How I Practice

My name is Collete, and I am a massage therapist, holistic wellness coach, and yoga instructor. I believe the body is a self-healing mechanism when given the right codes. The modern era of medicine has left so many of us feeling disconnected from ourselves and the Earth, and as a result disconnected from the simple, natural remedies that contribute exponentially to health, such as clean nutrients, vitamins, massage/bodywork, exercise, time outside, and healing frequencies.  My goal is to help create repeatable wellness rituals that improve overall well-being, by working with your individual needs and desires. 

"For every human illness, somewhere in the world there exists a plant which is the cure."

-Rudolf Steiner

My Story

When I was 19 years old, I was perimenopausal, taking pharmaceutical prescriptions to support my anxiety, on birth control, and drinking regularly. My physical hormone imbalance symptoms and emotional stability were equally chaotic, and I found myself in deep depression. I started cooking and leaning into my yoga practice, I began to feel the power of the medicinal foods and movement. 

Food and motion became my medicine, and my life began to change.

I suddenly wanted to feel my pure body, free of any pharmaceuticals or chemicals, in order to become more in touch with myself. This lead me to finding plant remedies to replace all my prescriptions, and years of researching, learning, and understanding the patterns of a woman's menstrual cycle (the Infradian Rhythm) to heal my own womb space, after a decade of being on the pill.


The Infradian Rhythm is the rhythm that guides the moon cycles, the tides, the migration paths of animals, and a woman's cycle. By living in sync with this rhythm and my particular nutritional and movement needs during each phase, I have a healthy cycle, with no migraines, no life-ruining cramps, and no hormonal acne. I now specialize in women's hormone balance and womb wellness, regardless of age, using healthy routines, foods and herbs.

While helping women find regularity using nutrition and education about our feminine rhythm is one of my passions, helping all individuals believe in their own powerful ability to heal themselves, is the root of my beliefs and my practice. 

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